What is Fright Nights at Walker Farm?

Fright Nights at Walker Farm is a Halloween attraction located at 3898 Haley Road in Lexington. It is open to the public for 20 nights in October. Fright Nights at Walker Farm contains three separate ticketed attractions: Haunted HayrideZombie Paintball Hayride, and Candyland Corn Maze.

When is Fright Nights at Walker Farm open?

Select dates from September 23 – October 31.

What time does the show begin?

Ticket booth opens at 7:00 pm. The show will begin at sunset (approximately 7:30 pm.).

What time does the ticket booth close?

Thursday and Sunday at 10:00 pm. Friday and Saturday at midnight.

Will you let me in if I am in line after closing time?

YES. As long as you purchase your ticket prior to the ticket booth closing.

Is there an age limit?

No. But we strongly encourage all parents to consider not bringing their kids to this event unless they are mature or above the age of 13. There are no refunds..

Do you have a discount for children?


Can I wear a costume?

No. If you wear a costume, mask or special makeup, you will be turned away at our ticket booth and refused entry.

If I back out, can I get a refund?

Are you kidding? We should charge your more because only pansies back out.

If it rains, will the show be canceled?

We are open rain or shine.

Will there be food?

Yes, bring an appetite.

Will there be security at this event?

We will have security personnel both undercover and in uniform working each night. We also deploy several surveillance devices throughout the attraction for your safety as well as the safety of our workers. Be on your best behavior please.

What are the best nights to attend?

Thursday and Sunday nights have traditionally had the smallest crowds but you can expect a line each night. The best time to arrive is right when the attraction opens.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets online or at the ticket booth.