Haunted Survival Guide

Zombie Mayhem Lexington

If you want a chance at surviving, check out these tips in our haunted survival guide:

  • Our monsters and zombies hate waiting for their prey so don’t get them anymore angry than they already are. Get there early!
  • No masks, costumes, specialized makeup or face prosthetics allowed. All we need is your terrified face.
  • Don’t think you can survive the lines? Try our RIP Speed Pass which will allow you to skip our long lines and go right into the event.
  • There are absolutely no lighters, photography, flashlights, drinks, bottles, or cameras allowed inside Dark Forest, 13 Doors, or Entrapment. If you use any of those things it will only make us throw you further into the lake.
  • Do not touch the actors and the actors will not touch you. If you touch the actors, a ninja is likely to repel out of a tree and slice your neck open.
  • Misbehaving while on premises will only draw attention to yourself from our security team. Trust us, they are ogres with bad attitudes and you will not want their attention so play nice.

From time to time we may update our haunted survival guide so check back often.